Security System

Within the Homie Wars any cheating time is totally forbidden. We know that it is extremely difficult to secure 100% this kind of systems, but we work hard to achieve a practically full fair game. For this reason we have established two systems that work in a complementary way:

  • Automatic system: through an authoritative server we have established an anti-cheating system that controls that the variables that are set within the game make sense within the Homie Wars ecosystem. For example, if we have established that the maximum speed of a homie is 5 blocks per second, in case someone moves at 30 blocks per second, he will be blocked. The same will be done with variables such as jump height, recovery time, homie stability, etc.

  • Human review: At the end of each race, the Homie court will conscientiously review all the winner's replay to check that no cheating has taken place.

Two things can happen after the review:

  1. No cheating is detected: Result: the winner is given the prize, a winner's medal is added to his/her NFT and the user name is recorded in the winner's database.

  2. Suspicion of cheating is detected: Result: An unfavorable verdict is announced to the winner and he/she is allowed a period of 30 minutes to make his/her allegations.

After this:

  • If he convinces the jury that he has not cheated, he is considered a full winner.

  • If he does not convince the jury, the cheater will be added to a blacklist, will be fully banned from any game within Homie Wars (Golden Battle, Challenge Rooms, etc.), the prize will be declared null and void and will be accumulated for the next Golden Battle.

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