The Homiefarm

HomieFarm is the place in the homieverse where you can put your $homiecoins and your Homie NFTs to work to earn different Rewards.

You have different options, let's see a brief summary of each of them:

  • Stake $homiecoins: Homies will be able to stake their $HomieCoins inside the Homiefarm to participate in the weekly raffle for a HomieBox.

  • Yield farming: Homies deposits two assets into the Pancake Liquidity Pool, and get LP tokens, The LP token can be deposited into the HomieFarm to earn rewards using CAKE mining. in order to provide a seamless experience all of this its possible directly from the homiefarm

  • NFTs Liquidity Mining: All Homies NFTs will have a training power value for a liquidity mining pool, you can check your rewards and the total training power of the platform in the HomieFarm

  • HomieNFTs Merging & Level Up: To level up your NFT Homies and get more powerful NFTHomies with more training power and other perks, you can combine several of them together this will be posible in the HomieFarm

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