Minting NFT Homies

Every week there will be a HomieBox Raffle among the holders who staked a certain amount of $HomieCoins during that week. In each Raffle we will distribute a maximum of 1000 HomieChests randomly among all the people who sign up. No limit of wallets. Each wallet will only be able to get a single box with at least one NFTHomie inside.

The NFTHomies will be classified according to their rarity and the probabilities of finding each of the tiers inside the box are as follows:

  • Common 50%

  • Uncommon 35%

  • Rare 12%

  • Epic 2.5%

  • Legendary 0.5%

In case your wallet is not awarded with the box you will be able to recover the Homiecoins from the staking and if you are the lucky one you will be able to exchange Homiecoins for the box.

The box the first weeks will have a fixed value ($20 BUSD), from the moment the economy of the Homieuniverse stabilizes, the price of the box in the raffle will be the average value of the box in the Homieshop during the previous week divided by 5.

You can open the box to discover the Homie inside, or you can sell it in the Marketplace.

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