Benefits of collecting NFT Homies

All Homies of any quality have a value called Training Power, your total training power value will be the sum of the training power of all your Homies.

There will be a daily pool of $Homiecoins, your rewards received from this pool will depend on the total training power you have.

In the HomieFarm you can check at any time the total Training Power of the homiverse and how many Homiecoins 100 units of Training Power would generate per day.

To save gas, when you unlock a Homie, your NFTHomie will automatically go into training. Additionally, Epic and Legendary Homies have the following attributes and will be playable within the Homieverse:

  • Jump: height achieved when jumping.

  • Speed: time it takes to run through a space.

  • Recovery: ability to get back on your feet when you have fallen.

They are distributed under the "zero-sum" philosophy. What does this mean, that the Homies will always be balanced, for example, a Homie that is faster will have less recovery capacity.

Let's look at three examples:

If we look at the characteristics of each we see that:

  • NFT Homie 1 is a balanced NFT in its three characteristics, it does not excel in any of them, but it is not handicapped either.

  • The NFT Homie 2 has more speed, more jump height, but on the other hand its recovery capacity is lower.

  • The NFT Homie 3 has reduced its speed and jump height to increase its recovery ability.

Additionally they will have other mutable attributes more oriented to save stats and that has happened in the Homieverso to said NFTHomie.

Such as, for example:

  • Number of Golden Battle victories

  • Number of Challenge Rooms victories

  • Number of hours played

  • Nickname

  • Favorite phrase

  • Etc.

These statistics will be used to feed a Leaderboard that can be consulted, so that people can see which Homies are doing great in the HomieVerse.

As a B2E Metaverse we consider it a priority that all Homies are balanced, but we also consider that it is beneficial that each player can customize their experience to their liking. Therefore, we believe that this zero-sum system provides depth and extra utility, without generating competitive advantages in the Golden battle, the Challenge Rooms or in future competitions that may be created.

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