Homies Values

1. Continual Growth, Development, and Improvement for the Long-Term

Homie Wars is always evolving! The Homies on the team are releasing new content and mechanics for the community constantly, so that the Homies won´t have time to get bored. By keeping new and engaging content always moving through the pipeline, the Homieverse and Homie Wars games will forever be the top dog in the space. Humbly understanding there is room for improvement and listening to the community will assure that the project never becomes stale and the team never becomes complacent. Providing the absolute best to the Homies is the number one priority for the Homie Wars team.

2. Transparency, Honesty, and Clarity

Through the means of professional documentation, regular communication, and an “always accessible” approach, the Homie Wars team assures that the community is aware of all relevant information. This applies to both the gaming and investing sides of the project. There are no secrets; everything is available to the Homies inside and outside of the community, and easily accessible at all times.

3. Community First

Everyone knows a successful business model, and the health of the project are all top priorities and are something the team is invested in heavily with time, energy, and finances. However, the core of any successful project is the community. The Homies on the team work hard to assure the community is heard, that the community is treated the way it deserves to be, and that the community never goes without. Without happy Homies, there can be no Homieverse. For this reason, the community is always atop the priorities list, and will even have a governance system in place to assure that the Homies take an active role in making decisions within the project.

4. Delivery: The Best Quality and On Time

Nothing is more exciting in the play-and-earn space than delivery! At the end of the day, all the Homies are gamers and metaverse fans – regardless of their investment history. The Homie Wars team understands this and works hard through a meticulous project management system to deliver on time, all the time; equally important is the quality of these deliveries. From day one the Homieverse is available to all Homies, and every update is carefully planned and executed with stringent adherence to the schedule in place.

5. Equal Opportunity (Respect + Free-to-Play and Free-to-Earn)

Homie Wars is a family-friendly game that is fun for anyone and everyone! There is no discrimination of age, race, religion, gender, etc. Everyone is welcome in the Homieverse, and welcome for no cost at all – no NFT necessary, no token holding required. The Homieverse is intended to be a safe and comfortable place for all of the Homies to hang out and spend time with their Homies. In addition to this, the Homieverse provides a variety of activities to be engaged in without expense, including the game modes that provide earnings – some of which provide free entry opportunities too.

6. Having Fun!

Most of all, the Homies on the team want everyone to have fun! Earning is a huge component of this space and the in-game economy and tokenomics structure that supports it provide self-sustainability, as well as comfort and security in being able to safely invest. But it is important to remember the play-and-earn spacing is a gaming facet of the DeFi world. What is the purpose of a game? To have fun! Friendly competition is welcomed, professional competition is welcomed… but never forget to have fun! The core of this game is one of the most addicting and exciting games you will ever play or watch! HAVE FUN! <3

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