Community-Driven Building

As discussed in Homies’ Values, the Homies in the community come first. The voices of the community will always be heard, as we prioritize consistent engagement and interaction between the Homies on the team and the Homies in the community. Moderators, community managers, and other team members will allocate time in their schedule, to assure they are in tune with the emotions and sentiments of the community. In addition to this, a governance mechanism will be in place; a fair governance system in which the decision-making processes will include token holders based on the number of tokens they hold. By combining these two mechanisms, The Homie Wars team and the Homie Wars community will always be on the same page.

It is important to note that this decision-making process will not be applicable to all decisions made, particularly business-related decisions behind the scenes. However, as it applies to the game, community, and the overall information that is of interest or relevant to the average gamer and community member, these mechanisms will be in place (as long as not detrimental to the success of the project).

Decentralized and Friendly

Homie Wars is built in a truly decentralized manner, utilizing an interoperable system, in which Homies are empowered regarding their involvement within the Homieverse. Users that engage the most will be rewarded by different methods, such as: NFT skins, power ups, or even with a little place in the Homieverse to call home (spoiler alert) - should you have a positive and healthy subcommunity to invite your Homies to hang out with you.

In our community free thinking is promoted; ideas welcome, propositions considered. Any Homie is able to contribute their grain of sand to the beach that is: Homie Wars. For them, we have a list of channels and communities in which the latest news can be followed, and connections with Homies made:

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