Main Features


There is no better use case for the metaverse than gameplay and social interaction. For this reason, the core of the Homie Wars game modes is supported by the Homieverse, an open-world metaverse where the Homies can gather together, engage in a variety of fun and exciting activities and events, trade, and dive into the various Homie Wars game modes to compete.


Once in the Homieverse, Homies can explore the world around them and find Homies to play with. The Homie Wars team has constructed a model of gameplay taking inspiration from a variety of highly regarded preceding games. This is just the beginning though, as the team has a wealth of tricks up their sleeves, looking to introduce new and exciting game modes to expand upon the gameplay loop – appealing to gamers of all styles, fans of all niches and genres, and taking further inspiration away from some of the top games in the industry that have laid the foundation for the future of Web3 gaming.

Cryptocurrency (Crypto)

Here in the Web3 ecosystem, crypto is a fundamental element of investment, circulation, and profit and rewards collection. An outstanding use case for decentralized currencies is the integration into a game economy. With the consultation of data scientists, professional economists, and game economy designers the Homie Wars team has perfected the implementation of our cryptocurrency, $HomieCoin, into the Homieverse.

Fiat On-Ramping (Credit Card and Debit Card)

While existing in the Web3 ecosystem demands a cryptocurrency, there are three billion gamers in the Web2 gaming industry (compared to less than one million in the Web3 gaming industry). The Homie Wars team is cognizant of this and has carefully built the business model and go to market strategies in a way that approaches this unlike any competitors in the space.

With the introduction of tech-integration partners, an ecosystem will be built that onboards millions of Web2 gamers, without any prior knowledge of Web3, MetaMask, cryptocurrencies, etc. Simply registering with an email and a password, will create a custodial wallet within the partnered companies’ platforms, allowing users to purchase tokens and NFTs with a credit card or debit card. In addition to this, the powerful on-ramping partners that the Homie Wars team have amassed, will allow a high transaction success rate, regardless of the geographic location in the world.

This feature will create a huge gap between Homie Wars and its competitors, as Web2 gamers will continue to add value to the Web3 assets (NFT scarcity and increase in token value, with purchases).

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Nothing is more desirable to gamers, than their game skins and identity within a game. The Homie Wars team has partnered with some of the most powerful tech-integration companies in the Web3 ecosystem, enabling powerful features within the NFT game skins available for minting. Many new features will be listed in the near future, as we continue to strategize and collaborate with our partners to find new and innovative ways to add functionality and value to the NFTs in each Homie Wars collection.

Interoperability (Assets)

Open-source code and decentralized ledger systems open the doors to vast opportunities regarding interoperability. The Homie Wars team is working closely with a long list of gaming and NFT project partners to introduce reciprocal mechanics that allow the introduction of third-party assets into the Homieverse, and vice versa.

Composability (Mechanics)

In addition to the use of assets across various ecosystems, open-source code and decentralized ledger systems can allow developers to call code from the smart contracts of other projects. The Homies Wars team is working closely with several gaming and NFT project partners to introduce the sharing of mechanics within each other’s ecosystems, allowing for a community “modding” culture to come to fruition, and new and existing developments – an innovation that hasn’t been seen in Web3.

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