The Homies on the Team

The Homies on the Team

Our Story

It all started with four Homies in 2016; a group of passionate professionals in the technology sector met while working together for a leading software development company. With the desire to grow professionally and the ambitious attitude of moving forward into the future of technology, this core team began educating themselves on the technology behind the blockchain. For three years these Homies continued to work together as a research and development department with one goal in mind: developing a disruptive and innovative model to introduce to the space, that solved inherent problems that had previously been unsolved.

Fast forward to the middle of 2021: two new Homies were added to the team, more strategizing had taken place, and it was time to plan! The plan was plain and simple: the decision was made to develop the first free-to-play, free-to-earn battle royale platform that was powered by cryptocurrency and supported NFT assets (investor ownership). At that very moment, the seed was planted! Homie Wars was born! The Homies on the team then knew that they would be bringing a cutting-edge metaverse, the Homieverse, to market, and all of the Homies on the team were ready to dedicate their time and energy to just that!

As time progressed the team grew in size, as professionals from a variety of trades and technological backgrounds were needed to accomplish the tasks at hand, to reach the end goal. By early 2022 the team stands over 25 Homies strong and has a professional structure that is departmentalized (operations, human resources, development, design, audiovisual, marketing, and community management) in a way that allows for optimal success and project management.

Finally, the most recent addition to the team, Sydney Houston Group, was the icing on the cake. With an already world-class core team behind Homie Wars, the Homies on the team partnered with established brand, Coinracer and the business development team behind the project (Sydney Houston Group) to bring additional firepower to both the marketing and community management departments of the Homie Wars team. The Homie Wars team and extensions of the team continue to grow, working towards new partnerships regularly and adding new members that share the same value structure, dedication, and level of professionalism.

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