The Battle2Earn Metaverse

Homie Wars isn’t your typical blockchain game. As a Homie you also are native to the Homieverse; the central location for Homies to hang out, chat, engage in various activities and games, and of course get to the meat and potatoes: battle-to-earn gaming! In each of these battle-to-earn game modes, participants must survive round-to-round, until the last Homie standing is crowned the winner.

While survival sounds simple in theory, the execution is much more complex. During each round players must persevere through challenging situations to reach the finish line: overcoming obstacles, avoiding falling, surviving the melee of opponents, and most of all managing the strategies of other players (or teams of players). But in this family-friendly environment it isn’t all about battle and mayhem. Homies can just hang out in the Homieverse, socializing and engaging in less competitive events.

Fore more information, below is a list of key events and activities in the Homieverse:​

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